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Shoulder strap for Coral/Peace

Shoulder strap for Coral/Peace

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Aqua Marina is one of the world's leading inflatable SUP manufacturers with a reputation for quality and durability. Our mission at Aqua Fun is to bring Kiwis this incredible brand at an affordable price! If you're thinking about an inflatable SUP, Kayak, canoe or boat you can't beat Aqua Marina for quality and Aqua Fun for price.
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The strap is an extremely useful accessory for any paddler. It can be used both when the board is rolled up and when the SUP is already inflated. It facilitates the transport of the board and increases the user's comfort.

  • Strap with protector to prevent chafing of the arm.
  • Durable carabiners to attach to the board.
  • Snap buckles with the possibility of adjusting the length of the fastener.


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