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Halve Inflatable Ultra Light Kayak 2 Person

Halve Inflatable Ultra Light Kayak 2 Person

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Aqua Marina is one of the world's leading inflatable SUP manufacturers with a reputation for quality and durability. Our mission at Aqua Fun is to bring Kiwis this incredible brand at an affordable price! If you're thinking about an inflatable SUP, Kayak, canoe or boat you can't beat Aqua Marina for quality and Aqua Fun for price.

Preorder Information: Halve Inflatable Ultra Light Kayak 2 Person shipment is now available for Preorder!

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Experience our revolutionary HALVE kayak – a lightweight marvel, 50% lighter than traditional kayaks. Its sporty, urban design captivates with a futuristic allure. Enjoy remarkable stability and smooth rowing with the super large tank design and drop-stitch deck, perfect for various water conditions. Effortlessly switch between solo and tandem modes, catering to all adventurers. Crafted with innovative TPU material, it’s stronger, foldable, and easy to store. Delicate, durable, and adorned with ECO-PRINT digital printing technology for enduring patterns. Redefine your kayaking adventures with HALVE.

The HALVE offers versatility and exploration through its adaptability to your needs. Whether it be leisure paddling or whitewater cruising, solo or tandem expeditions, the HALVE is there for you.

Weighing just 7.4kg, the HALVE is 13 feet long and offers a max. payload of 180kg. The large welded side chambers guarantee extraordinary stability, while its streamlined outline offers excellent tracking and superior glide.

This innovative HALVE kayak is a true PACKAYAK™, being incredibly lightweight and ultra-compact without sacrificing rigidity. 


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  • 11" FOOT PUMP