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3.0m Sail for Blade Windsurf SUP Board

3.0m Sail for Blade Windsurf SUP Board

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Aqua Marina is one of the world's leading inflatable SUP manufacturers with a reputation for quality and durability. Our mission at Aqua Fun is to bring Kiwis this incredible brand at an affordable price! If you're thinking about an inflatable SUP, Kayak, canoe or boat you can't beat Aqua Marina for quality and Aqua Fun for price.
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Up-haul, mast extension, universal joint, neat zippered storage bag holds mast / boom / base / sail in one compact, easy to-transport design.


Dacron sail with PET window. Light, strong and UV resistant.

9’10” (300cm)

4’4″ (132 cm). Boom with outhaul rope.

9’10” (300cm). 2-piece mast composite RDM.

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